KARMA Massage Chair - (New Model 2017l) + VITALZEN Feet and Legs Massager (New Model 2017)

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  • KARMA: 2D Massage Chair Shiatsu on the back with 3 types of massage: STRETCH, MAKE-UP AND REBOOT - Vibromassage in the waist - Kneading in the legs - 3 Automatic massage programs and a customizable massage option.

  • VITALZEN : Airbags-compression massage system. Pressotherapy function for calf muscles and foot - Foot reflexology system - Vibrating massage system.

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999,90 €

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  • Premium (Peninsular Spain and Portugal)

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The KARMA model is the only massage chair to offer all the benefits of a top of the range product at such an affordable price. This is a UNIQUE massage chair in terms of value for money.

The KARMA Massage Chair has a sensor that automatically detects the position of the shoulders, giving each user a customised massage.

It offers 5 automatic massage programmes (Complete/Back and waist/Neck and shoulders/Kneading/Soft) - 3 manual massage options (Complete/Partial/Fixed Points). In Manual mode, you can choose from 3 different intensity levels. You can also set the exact spot on your back for the massage.

Thanks to its 4 sphere massage head, the KARMA Massage Chair combines different options: relaxing kneading and flapping massages in the back area. You can complement these options with a vibrating massage in the buttocks area (3 intensity levels) and a kneading massage on the legs with bi-directional rotations (3 speeds).

All these benefits make the KARMA Massage Chair one of the most complete and balanced options on the market. And we all know how difficult it is to find an affordable massage chair with so many features! KARMA is truly a UNIQUE product for its high quality and low price.

For your peace of mind, the Vitalia KARMA Massage Chair comes with an Official Warranty from the GLOBAL RELAX Massage Chair brand. We're the only official distributor (United Kingdom/Spain/Portugal/France/Germany/Italy/Netherlands) of GLOBAL RELAX massage chairs.


With the VITALZEN leg and foot massager, you can wave goodbye to the feeling of tired legs.
The new VITALZEN leg and foot massager helps you to restore vitality to your legs in just a few minutes.

You can choose between applying the Hand Massage, Vibrating Massage or a combination of both.
Both types of massage affect the different muscle layers of the feet, ankles and calves, relaxing and rejuvenating these areas.

In addition, the VITALZEN massager works specially on the vital points in the feet and soles of the feet, stimulating positive Reflexology effects.


Data sheet
Massage headsets4 heads
Areas of massageFeet, ankles, sole, twin muscles
Remote ControlLCD
Storable programs 3 (M3)"
Automatic programs5 programs
Kneading MassageYES
Massage Manual Programs3 Programs
Seat vibrationYES
Ergonomic designYES

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Enjoy with TOTAL TRANQUILITY on his purchase, since all the products of GLOBAL RELAX are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 2 YEARS on defects of manufacture, in fulfillment of the General Law for the Defence of the Consumers and Users, according to R.D.L. 1/2007, of 16 November-.

Garantia 4 años.jpg


The products of GLOBAL RELAX are manufactured under strict standards of quality. In GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, reason why we wish to offer to our Customers the possibility to enjoy the Extension of the initial Warranty by an additional period of 2 YEARS.


More details about the OFFICIAL WARRANTY


The main benefits of a continued use of the KARMA massage chair are:

      - Activation of blood circulation.

      - Muscle relaxation.

      - Decreased muscle tension..

      - Relief of muscle pain.

      - Stimulates the metabolism.

      - Relief of fatigue.

      - Helps to fall asleep in a natural way.

Thanks to its 4-spherical massage head, the KARMA massage chair combines stretching, pealing and kneading massage on any part of the back. In addition to being able to locate the massage in the area that we want, it complements it with a massage of vibration in the zone of the buttocks and a massage of kneading in the legs.

All this makes the KARMA massage chair one of the most complete and balanced on the market in terms of benefits, and a unique reference in terms of quality-price, because it is difficult to find a massage chair with so many benefits and a price So adjusted.

The main benefits of continued use of the VITALZEN massager are:

      - Stimulation of blood circulation and muscle warming, reducing swelling of the legs and feet.

      - Reduce stress and strain on legs and feet, relieving them and avoiding fatigue.

      - Boosting properties of creams and gels combined with massage.

      - The massage kneading and vibration, affect the different layers of muscles of the feet, ankles and twins, achieving relaxation and rejuvenation of these areas.

      - It helps to tone and sculpt beautiful legs.

      - The use of the massager after performing physical exercise helps to achieve muscle recovery more quickly, inducing the reduction in the production of lactic acid.

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