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VITALZEN PLUS Massager of feet, legs, knees and thighs  (2017 new model)

     • Compression-airbags massage and reflexology system.
     • Rollers massage system.
     • Infrared heating system in quadriceps and cufflinks.
     • Ergonomic design with 2 folding sections for working quadriceps, cuff and feet.

2 YEARS Official Warranty

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The VITALZEN PLUS massager for feet, legs, knees and thighs is ergonomically designed and is at the cutting edge of massage technology.

It has a complete massage system with 30 mini-airbags with 3 massage modes (complete - lower body - upper body) and 3 adjustable intensity levels (low-medium-high).

In addition, it has a kneading massage system with active rollers and 3 massage modes (continuous - short pauses - long pauses). This massage system stimulates the points of the feet, that respond to Reflexology.

The combination of kneading massage with massage rollers will give you an relaxing massage experience and a dual benefit: it enhances your legs appearance and provides a reflexology massage.

To complement these types of massage, the VITALZEN PLUS massager is fitted with carbon fibre, which applies a heat massage to the inner thigh and ankle area.

The massager's ergonomic design features 2 folding sections that work separately: the upper section has a maximum angle of 110º while the lower section has a handle can be sloped at an angle of 20º. This is ideal for massaging the inner thighs, knees etc.

What's more, there's no need to worry about the VITALZEN PLUS massager's weight, as it is fitted with a pair of rear wheels that make it easy to move around.

What's more, a 5-15 minute massage before you go to be can help get rid of insomnia and give you a better night's sleep.

Now you have no excuse to start ... ¡¡¡ ENJOY IT FROM TODAY !!!

Data sheet
Type of massage
Interchangeable Head Sets
Areas of massageFeet, ankles, sole, twin muscles, knees,thighs
Compression massage - AirbagsYES
Intensity massage levels3 (airbag mode)

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Enjoy with TOTAL TRANQUILITY on his purchase, since all the products of GLOBAL RELAX are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 2 YEARS on defects of manufacture, in fulfillment of the General Law for the Defence of the Consumers and Users, according to R.D.L. 1/2007, of 16 November-.

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The products of GLOBAL RELAX are manufactured under strict standards of quality. In GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our products, reason why we wish to offer to our Customers the possibility to enjoy the Extension of the initial Warranty by an additional period of 2 YEARS.


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The main benefits of continued use of the VITALZEN PLUS massager are:

     - Decreased pain and increased feeling of relaxation by improving blood circulation.
     - Potentiation of the properties of creams and gels used when combined with the massage.
     - The massage kneading and vibration affect the different layers of the feet, ankles and twins, achieving relaxation and rejuvenation of these areas.
     - The use of the massager, 1 or 2 times a day, for 5-10 minutes, can eliminate muscle pain and improve blood circulation.
     - A massage of 5-15 minutes before bedtime, can improve insomnia and sleep quality.
     - The massage of kneading on the vital points distributed by the feet and the soles of the feet, stimulate the positive effects of the reflexology.
     - Stimulation of blood circulation and muscle heating, reducing swelling of legs and feet.
     - Reduction of stress and tension in the legs and feet, relieving them and avoiding fatigue.
     - Helps tone and sculpt beautiful legs.

The use of the massager after performing physical exercise, helps to achieve muscle recovery more quickly, inducing reduction in the production of lactic acid.

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