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Enjoy with TOTAL TRANQUILITY of your purchase, since all the products of GLOBAL RELAX are covered by an OFFICIAL WARRANTY of 2 YEARS on defects of manufacture, in fulfillment of the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users, according to R.D.L. 1/2007, of 16 November.

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The products of GLOBAL RELAX are manufactured under strict standards of quality. GLOBAL RELAX we have TOTAL confidence in our products, reason by which we wish to offer our customers the possibility of enjoying an Extension of the initial guarantee for an additional period of 2 years.

The main advantages offered by the Warranty PLUS 4 years are as follows:

  • TRANQUILITY: enjoy with total tranquility of the purchase of their product, for a period of 4 years. Once the official warranty of 2 years expires, you will enjoy a new period of 2 years of warranty coverage.

  • Security: The PLUS Warranty covers defects in manufacture of the product, its components and accessories.

  • FAST: The PLUS Warranty also covers the cost of the repair workmanship, therefore, our technicians would prioritize the repair of your product on other repairs not covered by Plus Warranty.

  • COMFORT: with a simple phone call to our Customer Service, you can activate immediately the repair service included in your PLUS Warranty. We will take care of everything.

  • Save: with the PLUS Warranty Service you will get a triple saving from the first day:

  • X 1: all parts, components and accessories with manufacturing defects will be replaced free of charge.

  • X 2: the time of labor employee for the repair is free.

  • X 3: will enjoy a discount of 50% on the costs of travel of staff.

  • ECONOMY: Enjoy all the advantages offered by the PLUS WARRANTY (4 YEARS) service, for only € 29.90 (EGO, EGO PLUS, TENZO); 49.90€ (MONDO, MANTRA, VITALZEN MINI); 69,90€ (VITALZEN, VITALZEN PLUS, ZEN SHAPER, ZEN SHAPER PLUS); 149.90€ (KARMA, ANANDA) and 199.90€ (SAMSARA, NIRVANA).

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- Prices including VAT.

- The "4 YEARS PLUS Warranty Service" must be contracted at the moment of purchase of the product, not being valid his contracting at any time after the purchase.

- The "4 YEARS PLUS Warranty Service" will be applicable once the Official 2 Year Warranty of the product has been extinguished.

- The "4 YEARS PLUS Warranty Service" does not have a withdrawal period, so that once contracted and paid its amount, its contracting will be firm and irrevocable on the part of the Client.

- The "4 YEARS PLUS Warranty Service" has a total duration of 2 years, entered into force 2 years after the date of delivery of the product (the day following the end of the initial 2-Year Official Warranty) And ending the first day after 4 years from the date of product delivery.

- The "4 YEARS PLUS Warranty Service" will enjoy the coverage and exclusions of the initial 2-Year Official Warranty, except for the costs of shipping the product and the displacement of the technical staff, in which case the Customer must assume in full The shipping and return costs that originate the defective product, from your home to the Global Relax Technical Service; Or must assume 50% of the travel expenses of Global Relax's technical staff to the Client's home, in accordance with the rates currently in force for this concept.

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